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There are tons of companies and websites that specialize in fundraising ideas. We're different. Our complete focus is on school fundraisers.

As you will see, we have chosen the top school fundraisers for six different grade levels. We do that because fundraising changes as students get older and there's less parental participation. Unlike other sites you will actually find unique ideas based on grade level.

Unlike other sites we don't offer outrageous long lists of fundraising ideas. We limit our top school fundraising ideas to the top 10 suggestions. Some of our suggestions are product sales. We offer most of those products as a company but not all fo them. We also provide suggestions that have nothing to do with anything we sell. Our goal is that each and every one of you will have the best school fundraiser ever!

High School Fundraisers

High School


Ideas that make sense for high school clubs, teams and organizations and so much much more.

Middle School Fundraisers

Middle School


Targeted fundraising suggestions geared toward middle school grade level students.

Elementary School Fundraisers

Elementary School


Top suggestions for principals, administrators, teachers and parent associations

Pre School Fundraisers


Easiest suggestions to introduce pre elementary school students to world of fundraising

Private School Fundraisers

Private Schools

Top ideas for private school administrations to raise money outside of typical tuition

Daycare Fundraisers


Best fundraising suggestions for operators of daycares and their students

Top 10 School Fundraisers

We are totally committed to providing you with the top school fundraising ideas. In fact we even break down those suggestions by grade level. If you want age specific suggestions then you should click on one of the links at the top of this page. But if you want to save some time we have created a top 10 school fundraising ideas list that can work for most, if not all, grade levels.

1. Cookie Dough Fundraiser: Cookie dough fundraisers have been around for years and they've been used to raise more money than you can imagine. It's a product most people are willing to purchase. The problem with cookie dough fundraising, was the rising prices being charged for a tub. That's why we suggest you sell our $10 tubs. There are certain price points that naturally do well for school fundraisers. Those include $1, $5 and $10. Get more details...

2. Readathon: We do not recommend very many fundraising companies but since running across the Read-a-thon Fundraising Company we are more convinced than ever that this might well be the top school fundraiser for elementary schools. But it should also be considered by middle schools, preschools and daycares. If you can raise money while focusing on reading you have to consider that type of program.

3. Lollipop Sales: Lollipops are extremely easy to see and are the perfect way for school groups to raise a couple hundred dollars. We've provided a link to the top selling fundraising lollipops. There are others to consider but Yummy Licks are far and away the top selling lollipop for schools. Click here

4. School Garage Sales: There's a lot of opportunity to make money by holding a large garage sale. The key is to get as many household items, clothing and other saleable items donated to the school. In fact you should plan on spending as much time promoting the collection of donations as you do on promoting the actual sale. Make sure to request only gently used or new merchandise. If you have lots of junk you cheapen the look and feel of the sale and will ultimately hurt revenue. Try to hold your garage sale either very early in the school year when people are shopping for back to school clothing or just before Christmas weather permitting in your area. Sales at the end of the school year work as well.

5. School Carnivals: When our kids were in elementary school the biggest fundraiser of the year was the school carnival. The best I recall the school would make more than $25,000 in a single day event. But it worked because their were so many great volunteers and a great game plan followed year after year. There were fun games for the kids. There were concession stands selling family oriented snacks and foods. It was an event attended by virtually every student's families. So if you have a great volunteer base and are willing to work year round on a single day event school carnivals are proven money makers.

6. Flower Bulb Fundraiser: Flower bulbs make great fundraising items. They are inexpensive. They are easy to handle. You pre sell them from great looking brochures that show the flowers along with planting instructions. It's one of those fundraisers that don't cost anything to start. Your group makes 50% profits and it's great for any grade level. Of course it's fabulous for groups wanting to focus on an earth friendly product.

7. Peanut Free Candy Bars: There was a time when candy bars were the top school fundraising product. But that was a long time ago. There are lots of reasons sales declined including price increases. But one of the main reasons was peanut allergies. So we would like to recommend a candy bar that still sells for a dollar AND is peanut free. You can purchase it one case at a time so its perfect for schools, classes, clubs or teams. It's definitely worth considering.

8. School Discount Cards: One of the easiest ways for private schools to raise money is to partner with around a dozen local merchants and put together a school discount card. It works well on so many levels. The cards can be sold annually and expire at the end of every school year. Local merchants are happy to get your students and their families as regular customers. The school makes some of the highest profits possible. The people who buy your cards get some great deals all year long. Get more info

9. Book Fairs: Book fairs are very practical for most schools but they work best for elementary aged students.. There are lots of ways to plan and hold your fair. But we suggest you contact a company like Scholastic and talk to them about their programs. But there's little more natural than a school selling books to raise money. It's one of those programs that really works well for all grade levels.

10. Healthy Fundraising Snacks: There's a program called Snackin in the USA that offers more than 30 different bagged snacks - most of which you would consider healthy items like nuts or dried fruits. It's the kind of product that is easy to sell for any grade level in your school. With the large selection there should be something for everyone. It's a pre sell kind of fundraiser which means you sell from a brochure so there's no cost to get started. You make 50% profit selling an item most families buy any way so it's line worth a close look. More info

The Top School Fundraiser Website

As students progress through different grade levels so much changes yet some things remain the same through their time on campus. The one constant is that their schools will never have enough money to offer all of the programs and ammenities they would like to offer. The odds are good they will participate in school fundraisers every single year.

Our job is to provide all of the information you might need to choose the best school fundraising ideas by grade level and school type. We want to help you choose the best fundraiser possible. Depending on your choice we want to partner with you to provide brochures or products or we want to point you towards the best resource possible.

If you choose one of our fundraisers we offer the most complete lineup of online tools that will help you promote your campaign, tally your orders and place your groups final order.You'll receive everything you need to insure the greatest chance of success. Our company was designed for one thing - to offer the top school fundraisers to every principal, teacher, parent or student needing to raise money!

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