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Top 10 fundraising suggestions by grade level to help you achieve your financial goals

High School Fundraisers

High Schools

Ideas that make sense for high school clubs, teams and organizations and so much much more.

Middle School Fundraisers

Middle School

Targeted fundraising suggestions geared toward middle school grade level students.

Elementary School Fundraisers

Elementary Schools

Top suggestions for principals, administrators, teachers and parent associations

Pre School Fundraisers


Easiest suggestions to introduce pre elementary school students to world of fundraising

Private School Fundraisers

Private Schools

Top ideas for private school administrations to raise money outside of typical tuition

Daycare Fundraisers


Best fundraising suggestions for operators of daycares and their students

As students progress through different grade levels so much changes yet some things remain the same through their time on campus. The one constant is that their schools will never have enough money to offer all of the programs and ammenities they would like to offer. The odds are good they will participate in school fundraisers every single year.

Our job is to provide all of the information you might need to choose the best school fundraising ideas by grade level and school type. We want to help you choose the best fundraiser possible. Depending on your choice we want to partner with you to provide brochures or products or we want to point you towards the best resource possible.

If you choose one of our fundraisers we offer the most complete lineup of online tools that will help you promote your campaign, tally your orders and place your groups final order.You'll receive everything you need to insure the greatest chance of success. Our company was designed for one thing - to offer the top school fundraisers to every principal, teacher, parent or student needing to raise money!

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Library Fundraising Made Easy
posted on: 02/20/2012

Library fundraising is a great way to earn money for your school library fast. It is an unfortunate truth that schools in the US have it harder than ever at the moment. There are so many different costs that come up time and time again, from school repairs, to resupplying old books, tables, and chairs, to undergoing general school maintenance. And more often than not, the school budget just isnít large ...