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Georgia Art School Fundraiser “Yard Sale” Offers Great Benefits for Scholarship Students

The Art Factory of Augusta, Georgia will hold its second annual Art in the Attic fundraising sale on Saturday, November 17th. Last year’s sale offered beautiful artwork in various mediums: from folk art to art prints to pottery. The yard sale style fundraiser benefits the $15,000 in scholarship funds that the school awards each year to students. No one is turned away from the Art Factory as a student for financial reasons.

Shoppers can find unique pieces, just in time for holiday gift giving — many at bargain prices. The sale begins very early (literally at dawn) and runs until twelve noon.

It’s sort of like art adoption. We want to find people to adopt these pieces and love them,” Cindy O’Brien, Director of the Art Factory said. So many of the board members and artists who donated pieces had purchased or made and loved them for many years. But tastes change, people move and marry and separate, and artwork that may have worked in one setting stops suiting when the background changes. The work is more than someone else’s cast-offs. It’s a collective history of Augusta’s art lovers and it showcases a lifetime of learning and growing with the visual arts community.

Source: Metro Spirit

Fundraiser Remembers Artistic Teen in Arizona

Lacey Jarrel of Tucson, Arizona was an artistic teenager. She used her art to express her emotions.

“Lacey was very emotional, and art was another way for her to express her feelings, whether hard feelings or joyful ones,” said her mom, Nancy Jarrell. “After her dad and I divorced, she spent a lot of time doing art,” Jarrell continued. “She was very social, but she also liked to hang out alone. She enjoyed having her pad and painting.”

Lacey died in a car accident on July 6, 2006 in Tuscon close to her home. Her mother created the Lacey Jarrell Foundation to remember her daughter.

The foundation will hold their first fundraiser on Thursday, November 2nd. It will be held at Green Star Art in Tucson and it will focus on the artistic expressions of local teens and young adults aged 13 through 21. The works are using many creative mediums, including photography, drawing, watercolor, oils and ceramics.

The Green Star Art event will include an art show and a poetry reading. There will also be a wine tasting and hors d’oeuvres from Fox Restaurants. Lacey worked at Fox Restaurants as a hostess. The event will also feature a silent auction and music from the John Rondstadt Trio and Peter McLaughlin and Friends.

Funds raised will benefit student art programs in Lacey’s memory. The Lacey Jarrell Foundation provides educational and creative opportunities to Tuscon youths.

Source: Tuscon Citizen

Your Little Artist Can Help Schools Fundraise

Today I came across not one, but two artwork related fundraisers. Children’s art is made into unique gifts and part of the proceeds go back to the school. How cool is that?

The first one is Art to Remember. They will take the kids pictures and print them on pillows, calendars, coasters, keychains, mugs, and a lot more.

Kids are proud to see their works of art showcased on our products, especially when given as gifts to family and friends. ATR also keeps students safe by eliminating door-to-door sales.

The other one is Original Works. They have lots of items too, even Christmas ornaments, quilt blocks and a night light.

Once the artwork is completed, the school/organization assembles an Artwork Package for each student. This package includes the artwork, order form, full color brochure and a customized letter describing the program.

I haven’t personally used either of these programs, but check out this forum discussion for some comments from those who have. From just reviewing the websites it looks like a good program, great idea. Only thing that is not on either site is what percentage the school earns. The products themselves should priced affordably so parents, nanas and others can afford the items. There should also be a good percentage of commission going back to the school. Check it out but be sure to ask about the profit percentage!

Artwork for Education Helps Schools Fundraise

Long Beach, Calif. (PRWEB) December 15, 2006 — For David Hirsch, principal of Wilbur Avenue Elementary School in Tarzana, Calif., it was almost too good to be true. “This was one of the easiest, cleanest fundraisers I have ever seen,” he said. “The emotional impact of the children’s art is amazing. It’s like the kids’ names go up in lights.”

Hirsch was speaking about Artwork for Education, a fresh approach to school fundraising that is getting the attention of educators across the country. The program showcases student art on the front of full-color custom greeting cards and credits the artist by first name, age and school. Schools are spending the proceeds on everything from computer lab equipment to maintaining art, music and physical education programs. continue reading