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Use Local Celebrities at your Fundraising Event

Cheerleaders are cool!Here’s a quick idea that I have seen work on more than one occasion. For your next group-gathering fundraiser, like a school carnival, ice cream social, or book fair, see if you can recruit some of your local high school athletes to work the event.

Imagine: football players scooping ice cream, cheerleaders doing face painting, basketball players running a free throw competition. Of course, all the players should be dressed in their team’s uniform.

It is amazing how much elementary or middle school kids look up to high-schoolers. And, if the high-schooler is the starting quarterback, captain of the cheer squad, or point guard for the hoops team, you’ve got a bona-fide celebrity on your hands.

You can include this celebrity attendance/participation in all of your marketing materials. It’s sure to draw a crowd.

I would also add that there is an additional revenue opportunity with the athletes there, as well. As long as it is very clear that the revenue generated goes to the school, think about charging for photographs or autographs from the players. This can be done in good fun and as long as the high-schoolers don’t get an inflated ego because of it, I know they’ll have a good time.

Cheerleaders Create Unique Fundraiser for Trip in Texas

The Christ Academy sixth- and seventh-grade cheerleaders of Wichita Falls, TX have created a unique fundraiser to raise money to go on their trip to the Capital One Bowl in Orlando, FL. Two red and yellow painted toilet bowls, decorated with pom poms and fake dollar bills have been appearing on the front lawns of Wichita Falls homes. To have the spirited item removed, the recipient’s home makes a donation to the cheerleading team.

The toilet bowl has the initials “C.A.” for Christ Academy on the tank and “Cheer” painted across the lid. Pom poms hang from the open lid of the toilet tank. Fake dollar bills stick out from the sides of the lid from around all of the edges. The bottom of the toilet is painted yellow. Red and yellow are the school’s team colors.

The team needs to raise $15,000 to pay for travel costs for the trip for nine cheerleaders and a coach to go to Florida. The cheerleading team typically cheers for the junior high school football team.

The cheerleaders were invited to cheer at the Capital One Bowl when they participated in a Wichita Falls junior high cheerleading camp held over the summer by Universal Cheerleaders. The sixth- and seventh-graders won a “Superior” trophy which is the camp’s highest honor, while they were competing against the other junior high school’s eighth grade cheerleading team.

Source: TimesRecordNews

Stadium Seat Cusions with Sponsor Advertising

These Custom Seat Cushions are great for any sport – football, basketball, volleyball or baseball just to name a few. Few stadium or gym seats are comfortable so your supporters will be glad to have these cushions!

Plus this stadium seat has a built in sponsor advertising program. Local businesses can support your team by purchasing advertising on the back of the cushions. Everything you need to sign up sponsors is included with the kit. Your team just sends in the custom artwork and the company does the rest.

With sponsor advertising when you sell these stadium seats, your sports team or school group will be able to keep more profits to help run your program. If you can get sponsors to cover the costs of the seats, every time you sell one to a supporter it is pure profit. You keep all the proceeds!

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School Spirit Items for Cheerleading Squads

Cheerleading squads often sell school spirit items to students and school sport fands.  Your team members, families and/or booster club can sell t-shirts, spirit sticks, plush mascots and many other great spirit raising items. These are fun spirit accessories that your fans will love to have.

Everything Elementary School Spirit Store has a variety of spirit items including stadium cushions, mini megaphones, pom-poms and much more. Some items are ideal as game giveaways and others can be used as a fundraiser to raise money for your cheerleading squad.