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How a Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser Could Work for You

Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser

The restaurant gift card fundraiser is great for the tough economic times we are all facing right now. You’ve probably found that most of your fundraising customers are cutting back on their discretionary spending budget and not purchasing as much from you as before. That is to be expected in tough financial times.

But the restaurant gift card fundraiser taps into a different part of their household budget, the dining/entertainment budget. No matter what – we all still eat out occasionally. It never hurts to remind your customers that not only are they helping your group and its cause out but they are also saving 60% off their meals out that they would be normally buying at full price if it wasn’t for you and your restaurant gift card fundraiser.


Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser

Pricing Price Per Card Profit
Buy 10 or more cards $10.00 50%
* 100% profit guarantee! If you don’t make a profit, you can return unsold cards.
Free Fundraiser ShippingQuick delivery in 2-4 business days, rush overnight available.
Item Card Quantity Gift Card
Total Cards: (10 minimum)
Total Price:
Your Profit:

How It Works

fundraising profit # Participants
 # cards sold each 
 = $- profit!

Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser
Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser
 100% Profit Guarantee – You will make a profit or your money back!

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  1. View participating restaurants in your zip code:

  2. Sell each gift card for $20.00 each. 50% profit!
  3. Customers go online to and redeem each $20 card for $50 worth of certificates that are available from over 14,000 restaurants nationwide.

Back of Card (click to enlarge)
Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser

Sample Partners

This fundraising program is so simple and risk-free! The cards have no expiration dates for you to worry about and unredeemed cards can be refunded if unscratched or damaged. Gift Card diners

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gift card fundraiser BBQ 2 YOU gift card fundraiser
gift card fundraiser gift card fundraiser gift card fundraiser
Thousands more available and new restaurants added daily!
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Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser

With 50% profitfree shipping, and a 100% risk-free guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose! Supporters will love saving 60% on every meal. Start your Gift Card Fundraiser today!


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P.S. Order now to receive your fundraising cards in 2-4 days! We provide FREE SHIPPING nationwide and we guarantee you’ll make a profit, making this a completely risk free fundraiser!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return any unsold cards?

If you do not make a profit on this fundraiser, you can return any unsold gift cards as long as the back code has not been scratch off.
Do I have to pay for the cards upfront?

We have two different payment options for you:

  1. You can pay upfront using a credit card, e-check, or by mailing in a check.
  2. You can pay 10 days after receiving your cards. For this we will need a credit card to authorize or a purchase order from your organization.

You will be able to choose your payment option choice when you are placing your order online.
How do the supporters use the cards?

To use the card, your supporters will go to They will enter the code on the back of the card into the website and enter their zip code to see what dining certificate options are available in their area. The dining certificate options will range from $15.00 to $50.00 and it can be used all at one location or can be split up to be used at multiple restaurants. They would print out the dining certificate that they chose and present it when they go to the restaurant. *Please note that only one dining certificate can be used per visit and there might be a minimum purchase requirement. Any stipulations will be listed before your supporters choose the dining certificate.
Are these cards customized?

The cards will not be customized and so any unsold cards can be returned for a full refund within 60 days of getting the cards.
How many times can the card be used?

The cards is valid for up to $50.00 for dining certificates.
How much do the gift cards cost?

Each card costs $10.00 and is sold to supporters for $20.00. Your profit will be $10.00 per card.
Is there a minimum number of cards I need to buy?

The minimum purchase is for 10 gift card


Start the Fundraising Year Off with a Smile

With the beginning of a new school year, you want to get off to a good fundraising start. Fundraising, like many other things, is pretty much a sales job. You are trying to convince people to give you (the school) their money or for them to ask other people for money.

Therefore, you have to start out the right way. You want to build quality relationships and take things slowly. If you push too hard, right off the bat, you can easily lose the people you are trying to win over.

Because of all this, the fundraising activities you chose to start off with in the fall need to be easy for people to get on board with. They need to be low on the commitment scale, not as ambitious monetarily (which means a greater chance for success), and high with the fun factor.

I would strongly recommend staying away from the fundraisers that require large amounts of volunteers, lots of planning time, and a significant financial investment.

Here are some ideas for fundraisers that are just right for starting off the year.

Bake Sale– Bake sales are great for the start of the year, because, in my experience, so many people will volunteer to bake and donate cookies, brownies and the like. Most people have the ingredients lying around at home and it’s not a big deal to knock out a couple of dozen treats for a school bake sale. I’ve always had the most success with bake sales on Saturday mornings before big college football games. Reserve a spot outside the most popular supermarket in your town right before the big game, and you’ll turn a great profit.

Flamingo Flocking– Flamingo Flocking is a great way to raise some money for your school, have a lot of fun, and build a bunch of friendships. For a complete description of how to run a Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser, click here. But you should know that this type of fundraiser can tick all the boxes when it comes to low commitment and high fun.

Box Tops/Soup Labels – While these two items may seem to be old hat, they are still a great way to get parents into the good habits of thinking about school fundraising. Set up a good receptacle system, get teachers on board with reminding kids to bring them in, and send letters home to parents telling them about the ongoing program. Create monthly contests between classrooms to keep the box tops and labels coming in all year long. Start the good habits in the fall, and they will continue to produce revenue.

Fundraising cards- Another way to get parents working for you in a relatively easy manner is through fundraising cards. Here is a great video description of such a program offered by FastTrack Fundraising:

Discount Card Fundraisers for Schools

I have long been a fan of discount cards as a school fundraiser. They are an all around good fundraising vehicle for a wide variety of groups such as PTO, civic clubs, church youth groups, YMCA, sports teams and many more.

Why are discount cards a good fundraiser? 

  • In demand product – Provides year-long savings to your supporters (So they are easy to sell!)
  • Cards are affordable – cards retail for $10
  • High profit margin – your group earns $7-9 per card!
  • Small cards are easy to transport – An advantage over other product sales with bulky boxes or foods that require refrigeration
  • Can be repeated every year

The discount card company that I recommend is Fast Track fundraising.  In fact in June of this year I got a chance to meet Roger and Chris of Fast Track and “grill them” about what discount cards are all about.

One of the things that Roger pointed out is that while Fast Track advises you on how to get merchants, they do not make solicitation calls for you.  There’s a good reason for this… “Other companies promise that they will get the merchants for you. That sounds easier at first, but actually we have found that when groups solicit local businesses directly they have better results. Then we are able to offer lower prices on the cards so the groups raise more money.”

This makes a lot of sense. Business owners and managers may not even take the call of a sales company. They are much more likely to speak to a volunteer directly involved with the group the sales benefit, especially if it’s someone they know.

So it it better to call, mail a letter or make a personal visit? From their experience working with hundreds of groups, Fast Track recommends face to face visits. Prepare a letter ahead of time and make copies of it and the merchant agreement form provided by Fast Track. Just ask to speak to the manager and if they are not available, leave the material and call them back later.

Chris even says that “groups who bring kids are 3 times as likely to be successful.” Wow! So school groups, sports teams, and youth have a real advantage.

Besides all their years of experience that will help your fundraiser be more successful, Fast Track has several other advantages:

  1. The custom discount cards are full color, front and back, and each side is fully customizable.

    Discount CArd
    View more samples – card front or card back

  2. They are a durable plastic, similar to a credit card.
  3. Low cost, just $1-3 each depending on quantity
  4. High Fundraising potential – up to 90% Profit.
  5. Free to start – no initial investment.
  6. 48 hour turnaround time – cards printed & shipped within 48 hours after approval for orders less than 1000.
  7. Your fundraiser can be completed in 30 days or less!

So is your group ready to work with the Custom Discount Card Experts at Fast Track Fundraising? Request more information now

I’ve Got Scratchcard Fever!

ScratchcardI am not a gambler. Never have been. I don’t have anything against it, but I’m just too scared that I’d be a bad gambler and lose all my money.

Sometimes, I wish I weren’t so terrified. I see people have all sorts of fun putting their cash on the line. From the high stakes poker tables in Vegas to lottery tickets at the gas station, it looks like I’m really missing out on something.

But, no longer! Now, I get to experience the massive endorphin rush that gambling offers without any of the risk. And, everybody’s a winner!

“How’s that even possible?” you ask with shock and disbelief.

Well, there’s great news! The wonderful folks over at FastTrack Fundraising have two styles of discount scratchcards and these looks like fun way to raise money for your school.

Honestly, I never used scratchcards as a fundraising tool when I was an elementary principal, only because I was unaware of this great opportunity. However, now that I have learned all about them, I would definitely have added this nifty little trick to my bag.

For those of you who haven’t ever traveled down the scratchcard path, here’s what you need to do:
1. Read this article from top to bottom
2. Go to the FastTrack Fundraising and read all the details
3. Order a FREE sample scratchcard from them by calling 1-888-778-2580

Really, it’s that easy. 1-2-3. continue reading

Entertainment Books Raise Funds for Schools

Entertainment Books are a fundraiser that many schools use every year to raise funds. The books are available in over 150 cities in the United States and Canada. They offer coupons for local restaurants, retailers, movie theatres and other merchants. Many fo the coupons are 50% off coupons or Buy one get one Free.

The Brevard Schools Foundation, a non-profit organization in Florida that supports local schools uses the Entertainment Book as a fundraiser.

The foundation sells the books directly, and in the beginning of the school year, about 50 schools recruit students to sell them to family, friends and neighbors.

Entertainment Book fundraisers brought in $138,000 for participating Brevard schools last year, Clifton said.


Schools usually sell these books between September and January. For more information about this fundraiser visit the Entertainment website or call 1-888-231-SAVE (7283).

Save up to 50% almost everywhere!