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Healthy Fundraising Events That are Good for Your Body

Phot by GraceFamily As parents and educators, we are obviously very concerned with the overall health of our children. Although it has become very easy in our society to make unhealthy choices, we are increasingly becoming aware of opportunities to opt for those things that will make us stronger, more fit, and in the long run, happier.

This attention is starting to turn toward our schools. With the vast amount of time that a child spends at school each year, this is a very important front in the battle for a building a healthy lifestyle.

Many schools are addressing the issues of soda and candy vending machines in the schools. And although candy sales have long been a successful form of fundraising, some schools are now looking for ways to integrate their desire for good health into their need to raise money to support vital school functions.

Here are a few ideas of physical activities that combine exercise, fun, and the opportunity to generate lots of income.

Golf and Walk
The golf outing has long been a staple in the fundraising world, used by thousands of non-profit organizations. However, many golf outings have focused solely on the golfer. While these events are great at generating camaraderie among those who participate, the very nature of the activity is exclusionary. If you don’t like to golf, you aren’t going to participate, and that limits the amount of money, as well as community spirit you can drum up.

However, there is a solution. The concept of the Golf & Walk event opens up the beauty of a golf course and the fun that comes from enjoying the great outdoors to everyone who wants to support your organization.

I have worked in the past with Champion Events and was very impressed by their customer service and organizational detail. They have great experience with the Golf & Walk. Here is a snippet from their website about this creative and inclusive event:

The Golf & Walk Event is a new event concept that combines a fundraising golf tournament with a unique “walk-a-thon” at the golf course. Walkers walk nine holes on cart paths at a beautiful golf course. They are kept separate from golfers in complete safety. Everyone finishes together at the end for an awards celebration.

All participants raise donations prior to the event. The Golf & Walk Event is planned on a 12-week timeline and mobilizes everyone in your network to raise money for you, not just those 15% of adults who can play golf. Because its foundation is “relational” fundraising in its most effective form, the Golf & Walk Event is currently producing the highest dollar results of the standard Big 3 fundraising events (banquets, auctions, traditional golf tournaments). continue reading

8 Ways a Last-Minute Phone-a-thon Could Go Horribly Wrong

Recently, I was browsing various news articles about school fundraising and I saw this headline:

“School Resorts To Over The Phone Fundraising”

Now, my immediate reaction to this headline was that something bad had happened. A fundraiser had failed and now the school has to “resort” to raising money by phone.

I even checked the dictionary to make sure the word “resort” had that kind of negative connotation I was imagining. And, indeed, old Merriam-Webster said that the definition of “resort” is “to have recourse”.  Sort of like having a “Plan B”.

The article itself, although very short, didn’t help to lessen the tone of desperation. Here is the text in its entirety.

A recent spending freeze at the Santa Barbara School District is already having an impact in the classroom.

Parents of students at Santa Barbara Jr. High are trying to raise money for programs the district can no longer afford.

Parents and Principal John Becchio will gather Tuesday night to call as many parents as they can. They’ll be asking for money.

PTSA members say budget cuts are starting to impact students in the classroom. So, they stepped up their fundraising efforts to make ends meet.

Only 85 words. And some of these 85 words struck me: “… are trying to raise…”, “Parents and Principal will gather Tuesday night to call as many parents as they can.”

Oh, boy.  This does not sound good. continue reading

Missouri St. Louis Area Dance Marathon Raises $162K for Children’s Miracle Network

The Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis Area Dance Marathon was held on Saturday, November 3rd in the Athletic Complex. This year more students than ever attended the event — with 1,056 coming out to support the event. Students danced the with great enthusiasm.

They set a new fundraising record this year, raising $162,275 to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network of Greater St. Louis. The Children’s Miracle Network supports both the St. Louis Children’s Hospital and also the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center. Funds are used to purchase equipment, pay for renovations and hospital programs to help local children.

Last year the St. Louis Area Dance Marathon held by Washington University in St. Louis raised $123,00 for charity.

Source: Washington University in St. Louis Record

Indiana University Students Raise Over $1 Million Through Dance Marathon

Indiana University students raised more than $1 million to benefit the Riley Hospital for Children Indianapolis, Indiana with their popular annual dance marathon held DATE. Over 2,000 students danced for charity and fun at the Bloomington, Indiana campus. This was the 17th annual dance marathon for charity held by the university.

The event is held for 36-hours. It includes dancing, socializing and guest speakers.

“The measure of the health of a society is how that society cares for its children. Through (the) dance marathon you have showed that this is a very healthy society,” said Michael McRobbie, president of Indiana University, in a news release. “You have all been dancing for the treatment of children at Riley Hospital for Children. I am very proud of you all and the university is very proud of you all.”

The Indiana University Dance Marathon is directed by a student-run member council of 20 participants. They plan fundraising activities year-round to benefit and support the dance marathon.


Washington School Gets A+ For Walkathon Fundraiser That Puts Principal on Rollerblades for a Day

The Valley View Elementary School PTA held their annual Walkathon on Thursday, October 11th in Ellensburg, Washington. They raised $13,647 — and because of their efforts, Principal Brenda Welch came to school for Friday, October 26th on rollerblades.

Funds raised will benefit PTA programs like author visits and school assemblies. The PTA will also fund 100% of entry fees for field trips. The school raised $6,000 more than the average that was raised in previous years.

The school made their walkathon fun with unique fundraising prizes students found appealing. One student, Taylor Wilson who raised $349.46 gets to be Principal for a day. Principal Welch has other challenges based on how much was raised. If the school raised $9,000, she would dye her hair and also wear roller blades on Friday, October 26th. If the school raised $11,000, she would jump in the pool with all of her clothes on at the $200 club pool party. If the school raised $13,000, a student would get to throw a pie in her ace at an upcoming awards assembly.

Source: DailyRecord