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Prize Program Results in Fundraising Success

Last year I was elected to my daughter’s school PTO Board as the person in charge of fund raising. My first assignment was to coordinate a candy-gift wrap fund raiser. The program ran for about 7-8 weeks and we were able to raise over $56,000.

The program success is directly related to two factors. The first was time and effort spend planning and soliciting motivational items which served as incentives for the children. The second was a reliable group of volunteers to handle the administrative aspect associated with the weekly recording of students’ individual level of sales and their prize distributions.

The approach and view was this was a program to benefit the community: businesses were asked to make donations. Donations were as varied as the businesses. These donations were packaged into individual gift for the each student in accordance with his weekly sales.

Historically, the sales activity level peaked during the first two and last two weeks of the program. In reviewing the activity level of previous years’ sales that the report showed sales doubling during the time that the vendor offered a double incentive. Hence the conclusion to keep the incentive for the duration of the program.

For every six items sold the student received a prize (all prizes were donated). Initially, we used the small trinket items ( such as a school supply item) and as the program progressed we began using the higher value donations (such as a complimentary large pizza or a menu meal from a local restaurant, or movie tickets). There were no limit on how many prizes a student could earn.

Additionally, there were special rewards and large ticket item prizes at the end of the program for top children in elementary, middle, and upper school. For the duration of the program the sales level remained at a consistently high level.

It was a great way to solicit the businesses support and participation while teaching the children a number of life and business skills. Simple but working as a team it was very effective.

Individual Fundraising with Brochures

When you want to raise money for a good cause that will go toward helping those in need, you may have decided that holding a fundraiser is the most effective way to make money.

There are a lot of things that need organizing in order to pull off a truly successful fundraiser, such as the products you are going to sell, to the budget you have to work with, to when and where your fundraiser is going to take place. All of this organization would be a lot easier if you had a team of helpers to lighten the load a little for you.

But sometimes you don’t have the benefit of extra helpers and you may have to go it alone with individual fundraising to get the job done. First of all, don’t panic. Individual fundraising is very easy to do once you know how.

The hardest part is getting over that initial problem of coming up with an individual fundraising idea that works. One solution that has proven time and time again to be successful for individual fundraisers is to sell products through the use of brochures.

Brochures make everything a lot easier for you, since you don’t have to carry around large cases of products on your own. You may like to go around door-to-door around your neighborhood and spread the word of the good cause you are supporting. With brochure products, such as our Flower Bulb Fundraising and Gourmet Cookie Dough Fundraising packages, you can take orders from people using the easy-to-use order forms that we provide. They can select the number of products they wish to order from the brochure, and then once you feel you have enough orders to reach your goals, we will ship out all of the products to your customers. It really is as simple as that.

Increase Your School Giving One Person at a Time

Yesterday, I heard a report on NPR about a new book called The Science of Giving: Experimental Approaches to the Study of Charity, written by Daniel M. Oppenheimer and Christopher Y. Olivola.

The goal of this book is to scientifically explain some of the reasons why and how much people give to charities.

As a person who has working in the non-profit industry for many years, this topic was very interesting to me.

I had not heard of this book before, and when I heard the report I was driving, so I couldn’t jot down a lot of notes, but a few things jumped out at me right away, and I wanted to share them with you. I will be searching this book out in the near future, however, as it sounds fascinating.

The first thing that caught my attention is that the author reported that people are more likely to give to a single person or small group of people as opposed to a larger group with many members. This makes sense to me. It seems that donors feel like they are more able to impact one person’s life in a positive manner, as opposed to an entire population.

What does that mean in relation to the school fundraising world?

Well, it tells me that it might be smarter for a school to frame their fundraiser in a way that highlights the impact on individual children, as opposed to the benefits the whole school may experience.

So, if I were running a school carnival, for instance, (or any other important school fundraiser) I would write my promotional material in a way that showed parents how their individual child would suffer and/or benefit depending on how much money the carnival was able to raise. I’d actually list out specific items that would impact each student.

Of course, the impact would be felt by the entire student body, but by bringing it down to a student-by-student basis, you’re speaking more directly to parents. It’s just how you deliver the message.

Think about it. If you were the parent who was being asked to donate time or money, wouldn’t you be more motivated if you knew exactly what was at stake for your own son or daughter?

Go ahead, give this strategy a try.

Photo by: Rennett Stowe

Healthy Fundraising Events That are Good for Your Body

Phot by GraceFamily As parents and educators, we are obviously very concerned with the overall health of our children. Although it has become very easy in our society to make unhealthy choices, we are increasingly becoming aware of opportunities to opt for those things that will make us stronger, more fit, and in the long run, happier.

This attention is starting to turn toward our schools. With the vast amount of time that a child spends at school each year, this is a very important front in the battle for a building a healthy lifestyle.

Many schools are addressing the issues of soda and candy vending machines in the schools. And although candy sales have long been a successful form of fundraising, some schools are now looking for ways to integrate their desire for good health into their need to raise money to support vital school functions.

Here are a few ideas of physical activities that combine exercise, fun, and the opportunity to generate lots of income.

Golf and Walk
The golf outing has long been a staple in the fundraising world, used by thousands of non-profit organizations. However, many golf outings have focused solely on the golfer. While these events are great at generating camaraderie among those who participate, the very nature of the activity is exclusionary. If you don’t like to golf, you aren’t going to participate, and that limits the amount of money, as well as community spirit you can drum up.

However, there is a solution. The concept of the Golf & Walk event opens up the beauty of a golf course and the fun that comes from enjoying the great outdoors to everyone who wants to support your organization.

I have worked in the past with Champion Events and was very impressed by their customer service and organizational detail. They have great experience with the Golf & Walk. Here is a snippet from their website about this creative and inclusive event:

The Golf & Walk Event is a new event concept that combines a fundraising golf tournament with a unique “walk-a-thon” at the golf course. Walkers walk nine holes on cart paths at a beautiful golf course. They are kept separate from golfers in complete safety. Everyone finishes together at the end for an awards celebration.

All participants raise donations prior to the event. The Golf & Walk Event is planned on a 12-week timeline and mobilizes everyone in your network to raise money for you, not just those 15% of adults who can play golf. Because its foundation is “relational” fundraising in its most effective form, the Golf & Walk Event is currently producing the highest dollar results of the standard Big 3 fundraising events (banquets, auctions, traditional golf tournaments). continue reading

How a Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser Could Work for You

Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser

The restaurant gift card fundraiser is great for the tough economic times we are all facing right now. You’ve probably found that most of your fundraising customers are cutting back on their discretionary spending budget and not purchasing as much from you as before. That is to be expected in tough financial times.

But the restaurant gift card fundraiser taps into a different part of their household budget, the dining/entertainment budget. No matter what – we all still eat out occasionally. It never hurts to remind your customers that not only are they helping your group and its cause out but they are also saving 60% off their meals out that they would be normally buying at full price if it wasn’t for you and your restaurant gift card fundraiser.


Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser

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How It Works

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Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser
Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser
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Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser

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This fundraising program is so simple and risk-free! The cards have no expiration dates for you to worry about and unredeemed cards can be refunded if unscratched or damaged. Gift Card diners

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Restaurant Gift Card Fundraiser

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return any unsold cards?

If you do not make a profit on this fundraiser, you can return any unsold gift cards as long as the back code has not been scratch off.
Do I have to pay for the cards upfront?

We have two different payment options for you:

  1. You can pay upfront using a credit card, e-check, or by mailing in a check.
  2. You can pay 10 days after receiving your cards. For this we will need a credit card to authorize or a purchase order from your organization.

You will be able to choose your payment option choice when you are placing your order online.
How do the supporters use the cards?

To use the card, your supporters will go to They will enter the code on the back of the card into the website and enter their zip code to see what dining certificate options are available in their area. The dining certificate options will range from $15.00 to $50.00 and it can be used all at one location or can be split up to be used at multiple restaurants. They would print out the dining certificate that they chose and present it when they go to the restaurant. *Please note that only one dining certificate can be used per visit and there might be a minimum purchase requirement. Any stipulations will be listed before your supporters choose the dining certificate.
Are these cards customized?

The cards will not be customized and so any unsold cards can be returned for a full refund within 60 days of getting the cards.
How many times can the card be used?

The cards is valid for up to $50.00 for dining certificates.
How much do the gift cards cost?

Each card costs $10.00 and is sold to supporters for $20.00. Your profit will be $10.00 per card.
Is there a minimum number of cards I need to buy?

The minimum purchase is for 10 gift card