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Is it Possible to Raise Money for Home school Expenses?

In the fall of this year, I will begin homeschooling my son, who will be going into the first grade. Since I work out of my house and my schedule is very flexible, I’m confident that I can commit the time necessary to provide him the attention he will need.

Through my experience working as the principal of a private elementary school, I learned a great deal about curriculum. I have, however, read over sites like, which is a terrific resource to learn about the very wide world of home school based texts.

I have also joined a local home school support group, which meets weekly during the school year and will provide a great social outlet for the students, as well as an opportunity for me to glean some ideas on how to save/raise money on all the materials I need for my son.

So, this new experience will give me an interesting perspective on the whole idea of how to save and raise money for a home school. I have to admit that right now, I’m a rookie in this particular niche, but I am motivated to learn.

I did write a post back a couple of months ago called, “6 Suggestions to Keep Uncle Sam Happy With Your Home school” that covered some of the taxation issues when raising money to support your at-home educational endeavors. There’s some good advice and links in that article, so if you missed it the first time around, be sure to check it out.

Right now, I’d like to ask for your help. If there are any Top School Fundraises readers out there who do home school, I would love your advice on how to either save money on homeschooling expenses or on how you’ve managed to raise funds to cover these costs. I promise to share this information with all of you.

In the meantime, I will be actively seeking clever ways to underwrite my own personal homeschooling expenses, and I’ll share everything I learn. Thanks!

6 Suggestions to Keep Uncle Sam Happy With Your Homeschool

HomeschoolThis post is directed at homeschooling parents. Many times, homeschoolers are overlooked in the fundraising world. However, the costs associated with teaching quality lessons at home can be significant. Therefore, many parents who elect to follow this more independent route wonder about the fundraising model set by public and private schools. While this certainly is a viable option, there are some important concerns that each homeschool parent should note.

When you finally made the decision to teach your children at home, there were understandably dozens of concerns that raced through your mind. Making sure that Uncle Sam got his cut of any money you raised to pay for books, materials, trips, or other educational supplies probably wasn’t high on the list of stuff that kept you up at night.

However, the reality is that if you ever decide to solicit outside funding for any aspect of your homeschool enterprise, you may have income to report.

And, as everybody knows, failure to report income is well… not encouraged by the Internal Revenue Service.

So, what do you absolutely need to know in order to avoid a difficult situation with the IRS? continue reading