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Interview with Tim Sullivan, President of PTO Today

Today I have the pleasure to share some terrific insight into school fundraising from a recognized leader in this field. Tim Sullivan, the President of PTO Today, has spent his entire career in the education world. He has worked as a teacher and administrator at a NYC high school, then as a senior manager for a New England-based fundraising concern; and now as the founder and leader of PTO Today. He has spoken at hundreds of parent group meetings and to tens of thousands of parent group leaders all across the country. He also maintains a role as a senior writer for PTO Today magazine and is a leading voice on best practices in connecting with parent group leaders.

The PTO Today website is a phenomenal resource, full of vital information for anyone involved in education. As I have been working on our own blog, here at Top School Fundraisers, I have learned a great deal from Tim and his staff through their varied articles.

On Monday of this week, I wrote about “12 Ways to Overcome Fundraising Fatigue”. I thought it might be helpful to get Tim’s thoughts on this subject. Tim actually addressed this topic in a regular column he publishes called “Tim’s Turn”. The title of this particular article was “The Fundraising Myth

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