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Developing Football Fundraising Ideas

If you think it’s time for all the students at the school to band together and do something good for a worthy cause, you might have considered holding a fundraising event to raise money for the school. There are many different departments that could use some extra funding, since many are left in the dark when the school’s budget gets eaten up by other things.

One group in particular that often needs extra funding is the school football team. Whether it’s for new football gear and clothing, or its for general upkeep to the school football field, football fundraising ideas can be a great solution to your financial worries.

So how do you find the best football fundraising ideas?

It might help to recruit some extra people to your cause before you get started. That way, you will be able to pass a few ideas around before settling on the best one. When making your choice, you want to be sure that your fundraiser will be something that everybody at the school will want to get behind. If you just pick something that the football team can enjoy, then it is likely that your event won’t be very successful.

One way to give everybody at the school something fun and enjoyable is by selling fundraising products. The students at your school will be used to the same regular food that they see in the school cafeteria each day of the week.

So why not give them some tasty products at your football fundraiser to change things up. Our $1 Chocolate Fundraiser is a great option for students with a sweet tooth, or you might like to go with our Hershey Fundraising Candy. These products are very easy to get started with, making your next football fundraising ideas a walk in the park.

Are You Ready for Some Football (Fundraising)?

In this country, there is a wonderful relationship between schools and athletics. This is especially true of football. Football teams, both in high schools and universities, often provide the face of school spirit and a offers a common gathering space for the educational community to relax and enjoy themselves.

But, a football program is expensive to operate, and especially at the high school level, a significant fundraising effort is needed to provide essentials like uniforms, travel expenses, practice equipment, and assessment tools like video cameras and computers.

To address these specific needs, most schools have developed an active “Boosters” club, which is made up of people who have a strong love of football and school and who have committed themselves to making sure their team has what it needs to keep winning.

Last year WCVD Newschannel 5 in Boston published a report entitled “Student Athletes Forced To Pay To Play”, in which they highlighted a difficult situation at Hamilton Wenham Regional High School. Due to a serious budget shortfall in this district, they have been forced to adopt a “pay for play” policy, in which individual players and their families have to come up with the money to pay for all the season’s expenses.

According to the report, “It costs $282 per student for cross-country, $398 for golf, $409 for girl’s soccer, $508 for field hockey and $969 for football.

“Football started at $1,400 per student, but was reduced through private fundraising and gate receipts to about $969 per student,” Athletic Director Don Doucette said.

Obviously, this is a situation that most schools would like to avoid. But, that means a serious effort at raising large amounts of money must be made. And, it must be more than a few individual and separate fundraisers throughout the season. Football fundraising should be a sustained, coordinated, and multi-pronged attack that is carried out year round. The alternative to this aggressive approach is unfortunately seen in the fee structure above. continue reading

California High School Football Team Extreme Strength Fundraiser

Two California High School football teams are teaming together for a unique fundraiser. They will pull a DC-10 airplane with a rope. The Apple Valley High School of Apple Valley and the Silverado High School of Mission Viejo are rival football teams participating in the event.

The event will take place on Tuesday, October 30th at the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville. Funds raised will benefit eye care for residents of third-world countries. The World Health Organization states that approximately 75 percent of the people who are blind can be cured. The airplane they are pulling is the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital DC-10 which has flown around the world since 1982.

The football teams will be wearing their uniforms, gloves and football helmets for the special athletic competition. This event is considered a rehersal for another fundraiser planned in December of this year, five corporate sponsors will be competing and will pay $10,000 for the chance to participate.

Source: Aero-News.Net

Stadium Seat Cusions with Sponsor Advertising

These Custom Seat Cushions are great for any sport – football, basketball, volleyball or baseball just to name a few. Few stadium or gym seats are comfortable so your supporters will be glad to have these cushions!

Plus this stadium seat has a built in sponsor advertising program. Local businesses can support your team by purchasing advertising on the back of the cushions. Everything you need to sign up sponsors is included with the kit. Your team just sends in the custom artwork and the company does the rest.

With sponsor advertising when you sell these stadium seats, your sports team or school group will be able to keep more profits to help run your program. If you can get sponsors to cover the costs of the seats, every time you sell one to a supporter it is pure profit. You keep all the proceeds!

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Football Lollipops: Great Football Season Fundraiser!

Football LollipopsDoes your football booster club, cheer squad or other school football group need an extra fundraiser? Here’s a tasty fundraising idea that’s easy to start and no hassle.

These football shaped lollipops are great for junior high, high schools and even youth league football teams.

These one-of-a-kind football lollipops come in 6 flavors! ~ These football fundraising lollipops are sure to be a huge fundraiser hit on and off the football field. Fundraising flavors include Green Apple, Orange, Lemonade, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Wild Cherry.

Football fundraising lollipops are ideal to sell at games and events because they’re low cost, individually wrapped and easy to carry around for sales. Be a winner at your next football fundraiser with these fundraising lollipops in fun football shapes.

This is fast fundraiser item could be sold at football game concession stands, pep-rallies, or hey, why not send cheerleaders into the stands with them? This is a great add-on to other fundraisers like spirit items.

  • 6 flavors available
  • Retail price per pop = $0.50
  • 576 pops per case (8 inner cases of 72 pops)
  • Minimum order = 1 case
  • Your group earns 50% Profit
  • Free shipping

There’s lots of other shapes and flavors of gourmet pops available. All the pops can be ordered online for fast ordering and fast delivery. If you have any questions or want to order over the phone just call 1-866-432-7838 for more info.