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Library Fundraising Made Easy

Library fundraising is a great way to earn money for your school library fast.

It is an unfortunate truth that schools in the US have it harder than ever at the moment. There are so many different costs that come up time and time again, from school repairs, to resupplying old books, tables, and chairs, to undergoing general school maintenance. And more often than not, the school budget just isn’t large enough to cater for everything that needs doing within the school, meaning that when one department needs an important upgrade, it may be left waiting for months or even years before being attended to. If your school’s library is in need of some extra funding, whether it be for new books or computers, or it needs to be completely refurbished, why not look to library fundraising to help you get there a little faster.

Library fundraising is a great way to earn money for your school library fast. But it isn’t just about the money. Holding a fundraiser can be a fun and exciting activity for students at your school, and you may find that many of them leap at the chance to help out in some way. There are plenty of things that need to be done to pull off the best event, from deciding on a suitable product to sell, to making posters and banners and handing out flyers to promote the event, to actually getting down to business and collecting donations from people. As long as you plan out your event thoroughly before getting started, you should find that all of this is quite easy to do, and with so many young helpers involved in making your fundraiser a success, you can step back and take a broader look at its development.

If you want to make things even easier, you might like to go with one of our great library fundraising products, like our High School Fundraising Scratch Cards or our Earth Candle Fundraising package.

A School Fundraiser, So Simple & Crazy, It Just Might Work

When most of us approach school fundraising, we do so with a “quid pro quo” mentality. That is, parents of our students give us money in return for a product, a service, or access to an event. It’s a classic “this for that” situation.

We fundraisers do our homework to find out what will resonate best with our target audience. If for some reason, the fundraising method we choose doesn’t click with our “customers”, we’re in trouble.

We have to make sure that another non-profit group didn’t just do a cookie dough sale right before us or hold a car wash on the same day as we are planning one. That would hurt our sales and make us look unprepared.

We strive to be creative in choosing a fundraiser, so people will be intrigued, but we don’t want to stray too far off the known path where people won’t follow us.

We are concerned about profit margin. If we use an outside company and sell their product, we may only get 50% of what we sell, but it’s usually a lot easier than trying to run something complicated like a school carnival, which requires dozens of volunteers.

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No wonder there’s such a high turnover rate in school fundraising leadership!

Well, there is another way. It’s startling. It’s brilliant in its simplicity. It’s so crazy that it might actually work!

You just ask. continue reading

8 Ways a Last-Minute Phone-a-thon Could Go Horribly Wrong

Recently, I was browsing various news articles about school fundraising and I saw this headline:

“School Resorts To Over The Phone Fundraising”

Now, my immediate reaction to this headline was that something bad had happened. A fundraiser had failed and now the school has to “resort” to raising money by phone.

I even checked the dictionary to make sure the word “resort” had that kind of negative connotation I was imagining. And, indeed, old Merriam-Webster said that the definition of “resort” is “to have recourse”.  Sort of like having a “Plan B”.

The article itself, although very short, didn’t help to lessen the tone of desperation. Here is the text in its entirety.

A recent spending freeze at the Santa Barbara School District is already having an impact in the classroom.

Parents of students at Santa Barbara Jr. High are trying to raise money for programs the district can no longer afford.

Parents and Principal John Becchio will gather Tuesday night to call as many parents as they can. They’ll be asking for money.

PTSA members say budget cuts are starting to impact students in the classroom. So, they stepped up their fundraising efforts to make ends meet.

Only 85 words. And some of these 85 words struck me: “… are trying to raise…”, “Parents and Principal will gather Tuesday night to call as many parents as they can.”

Oh, boy.  This does not sound good. continue reading

School Carnival Guide

If you school has an annual carnival or festival, the School Carnival Guide will help your event to be a great success. This is a book authored by Jim Berigan, who for over a year wrote for the Top School Fundraisers blog.  Now he’s on his own and focusing on helping schools fundraise with carnivals.

This guide contains many practical tips on how to make your next carnival a success. Jim provides advice based on his own experience and from those of other school volunteers like you. Besides just planning the carnival, the book helps you reach the goal of making the carnival a great school fundraiser.

This book will save you lots of time and add a fresh, creative twist to your event. Check it out: the School Carnival Guide

Win $2,500 in School Supplies for Your Classroom

School supplies– from pens to paper and curriculum materials–are essential to learning.  With the economy and budget cuts it has been tough for many schools to provide the supplies needed. The Tools for Teaching contest sponsored by and can help teachers face this challenge. Participants have the opportunity to win up to $2,500 in school supplies for their classrooms.

All you have to do is go to the website and answer the question: “Why does your class deserve to win a gift certificate from and how will you put the school supplies to good use?”

This contest runs through runs through Wednesday, September 30, 2009.  Tell all the teachers you know to sign up for this contest.  They could win some great materials to outfit the class for the school year!