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Cookie Dough School Fundraising is Fun and Effective

School groups can be some of the most challenging fundraising teams to work with, but they can also be the most fun. Depending on the age of the kids, many of them will not have had a significant fundraising experience before, so you’ll have to teach them everything from the ground up. But their enthusiasm is infectious, and when you choose something fun like cookie dough school fundraising, you can guarantee everyone will be fully on board with an idea like that.

Cookie dough fundraising is an easy and fun idea that can yield you some decent profits, and best of all, your supporters and your fundraising team will both love the product you’ve chosen. The best way to get started with cookie dough school fundraising is to sit down with the other adults and have an organizational meeting.

The more people you can get to help with this, the better, but clear delegation is important. There are two types of people who show up to fundraising meetings: those who really don’t want to be there and don’t want to volunteer for anything, and those who think they know best about everything having to do with fundraising, and want to control everything.

As the person in charge, it’s up to you to put the enthusiastic people in clear roles with clear boundaries, so that nobody steps on anybody’s toes and every requirement is taken care of. Once you have the adults sorting out, cookie dough school fundraising begins to take on a life of its own.

The enthusiasm of children is remarkable, and this will come across to your supporters, who love cookie dough anyway, but will especially love buying it to help the kids out. For younger children, make sure they have someone to accompany them when they go out fundraising, as they will be collecting and walking around with money as they go.

How to boost the sales of your cookie dough fundraiser sale

  1. Let your sellers and supporters know ahead of time about the sale. Make sure they know how much their support is appreciated.
  2. Create specific goals for the fundraiser. How much money needs to be raised? How many tubs per person will need to be sold to reach this goal?
  3. Set a reasonable time limit for getting all the orders in from participants.
  4. Offer prizes for participants who sell the minimum amount.
  5. Create a “challenge” to motivate your sellers.
  6. Take the catalogs to work.
  7. If your organization is short the minimum order, the group can fund the difference and sell them later.
  8. Use extra cookie dough supply or buy extra to make cookies. Sell cookies at a bake sale, sports game, at school, or anywhere there are people! If your baking oven is near your selling table it’s even better — people can’t resist when they smell the warm aroma of cookies baking.

Free Gift Cards with Prize Program

Don’t you just love the word FREE? I do and so will your students and parents with this special deal.  When your group participates in the cookie dough program, you’ll gets free Gift Cards.  These cards are worth $50 each!  Just redeem them online for certificates to thousands of restaurants across the US.  (View the available restaurants in your area.)

Prize program chartYou can use the cards as prizes for students who bring in the most fundraising results.  On the other hand, you could sell the cards to raise extra funds (based on a $20 suggested retail price).

This prize program is included free of charge to fundraising groups with at least 10 actual sellers participating in any one of the following brochure fundraisers:

Peanut Recall: Important Notice about Cookie Dough

As you are surely aware, there is currently a nation-wide recall of products containing peanut paste made by a Georgia-based company.

While each parent and school employee needs to be vigilant in making sure these products are removed from the general student population, we cannot forget that peanut butter cookie dough sold in fundraisers would also fall into this recall category.

I would advise any group who has in the recent past or who is currently selling cookie dough to contact the company to verify the status of their product.  (A list can be found here.) I can confirm, however, that the peanut butter cookie dough sold through our partner FastTrack Fundraising , including the Chippery brand, is safe for consumption and not under a recall.

The risks of not checking this out are real. So far, almost 500 people have become ill and six have actually died across the entire United States.

For more information, please click here to visit the Food and Drug Administration’s Peanut Butter Recall page.

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Chippery Cookie Dough for Fundraising – A Review

The Berigan Kids (Claire, Liam, Erin, Noah) testing out Chippery cookie dough

If you have spent any time around a school, you have been exposed to many different kinds of product sale fundraisers. In my time running a summer camp and an elementary school, I have seen my fair share of sales: candles, soup mixes, popcorn, candy, you name it.

Sometimes these products are terrific, and I feel satisfied that parents are getting a high-quality product in return for their financial support. Other times, unfortunately, I do not feel this way.

However, with Chippery Cookie Dough, I truly believe we have an all-around great product, and I also believe that you will agree. continue reading