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Frozen Pizza Fundraiser: Schools fundraise with pizzas

No time to cook? Just pop in a frozen pizza! 🙂

Today’s busy lifestyles require families to have convenience foods on hand. Pizza is one of those foods that are great for after school snacks or a quick meal.

So when your organization conducts a frozen pizza fundraiser you’re providing something that people are already buying and will want more of.

Tips for Planning a Frozen Pizza Fundraiser:

  1. Review the companies the offer frozen pizza fundraisers and choose one that offers the best product, profit potential and service.
  2. Set a goal for your group’s overall sales and then break it down by participant.
  3. Offer prizes as incentives for sellers. A stepped scale works well and rewards those who sell the minimum, as well as higher targets. You can even order extra frozen pizzas as prizes.
  4. Set dates for the start and end of your fundraiser. A mid campaign check-in where coordinators call participants to see how their sales are going is a good idea.
  5. Arrange for storage of the frozen products when they arrive. Make sure your sellers know the date, time and location of the pickup.
  6. Celebrate! Have a recognition meeting or party to acknowledge those who sold the most. Announce the total amount raised and describe what the funds will do to support the activities of your organization.

Pizza Hut Fundraisers: Your Favorite Pizza Can Raise Funds for Your School

Pizza Hut Pan PizzaSo what’s your favorite pizza? Pepperoni, Meat Lovers, Veggie Lovers, pineapple and ham with extra cheese? Whatever your favorite Pizza Hut pizza, dining out can help your school raise funds.

Your school can offer pizza discount cards that feature Pizza Hut. Depending on the number of pizza cards you purchase, your group can make over $9,000!

If your local Pizza Hut has not participated in this fundraiser in the past it is easy to get them onboard. You’d just need to print out the agreement form and drop it off for a manger to read. Don’t forget to include a cover letter (on official letterhead if possible) describing your group, why you are raising funds, how this is free advertising for them, brings them in business, and is completely free for them to participate!

Request more information about pizza card fundraisers

High School Pizza Fundraiser Ideas

PizzaPizza Fundraisers can be a hit with high school students. There’s a variety of ways that high schools can host a pizza fundraiser.

1. Dine out at a Local Restaurant – Many restaurants and fast food places now have special fundraising programs set up for schools. Your group brings in customers to the restaurant on a certain night and time. Anyone from your group (or invited by your group) puts their receipt in a designated container. At the end of the evening, a percentage of these sales are given to your school. continue reading