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Raise Thousands of Dollars through Recycling with

If you would like to raise money for your child’s school, but you know you have to be careful not to ask too much from the other parents in the community, this is a great idea for you. is an established business that can help you raise significant revenue without asking parents to keep chipping in. They do this through an effective recycling program that includes ink jet cartridges, laser toner cartridges, cell phones, MP3 players and all sorts of personal electronics. A complete list of the qualifying items can be seen here.

Here is how FactoryFunding works:

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When you recycle your used ink cartridges, cell phones, laptops, and small electronics with FundingFactory, your recyclables convert to cash and rewards that can get your school or nonprofit organization the things you need — for free.

Getting Business Supporters for your recycling program makes raising funds even easier. Schools and nonprofits with supporting organizations in their communities report more than 3 times the cash and rewards earned than organizations without Business Supporters.

We inspect every item we receive to determine whether it can be recycled or remanufactured — two states that account for 98% of the materials we process.

Collectively, FundingFactory participants have stopped 21 million pounds of waste from being landfilled.

Here are a few success stories from schools that have signed up for and have used

This video is from the West Boylston school district in Massachusetts.  They have raised $40,686 from

This second video is from Elk County Catholic school system.  They have raised $24,210 from

9 Tips to Run a Garage Sale Fundraiser for your School

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One of my favorite websites is the PTO Today Message Board. Every once in a while, you come across a fantastic post that is incredibly useful. Just today, I found an excellent post that lists nine tips for holding a school garage sale. I’ve included the first three in this article, but please click here to read the remaining six tips.

Our PTO does one every year. For us, it works this way:

1. We do it the first weekend in March annually. People around here have come to expect it. Because it’s the first weekend, people have money to spend. March is a time when we at least want to think about spring/summer, even though there is typically cold weather for another few weeks, so clothing for all seasons sells (for now or later).

2. We have set prices for as many things as possible. Jeans for adults are $4, kids jeans are $2, hardcover books are $2, paperbacks are $1, clothing (unless otherwise marked) is $.50, etc. Pricing exceptions only saves a lot of time.

3. Have one person in charge per work shift. That person should be comfortable with garage sales in general and understand that this is a fundraiser.

For tips four to nine, click here.  As always, I highly recommend that you become a regular visitor over on the PTO Today message boards!

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PTA Raises Funds with Recycling Collection

Funding Factory supplies schools and organizations a way to help the environment while raising money for their cause through a laser and ink jet printer cartridge and cell phone battery recycling program.

We were able to catch up with a participant in the program to get some feedback. Sue, a member of the West Corner Campus Parent Teacher Association (PTA) in Endicott, New York, has raised over $100 since she signed up with Funding Factory, recently. She provided some great feedback on how to use this fundraiser in your organization.


To sign up for the service, just go to the Funding Factory website. There, you will fill out a simple form to get started. They then send you a starter kit for collection of ink cartridges and cell phone batteries. “The signup process was very easy, and if you ever have questions, you just email your representative,” Sue says. “They get back to you ASAP!”

Getting Participation

Sue says she has a hard time getting people to participate initially, but once they do cartridges come in on a regular basis. Right now, they have about a 10 percent participation rate from the PTA members.

To increase participation, Sue has advertised in the PTA newsletter, and reminders go home with students on a regular basis. She also sends reminders to the teachers and staff at the school to bring their cartridges.

The struggle for participation among so many other activities and fundraisers can be hard, but Sue says you must be persistent. She recommends consistent advertising at meetings, frequent reminder notices and hanging posters.

“Also, ask parents to ask their places of employment for cell phones, laser cartridges and ink cartridges,” Sue says. “I am getting the word out for that, too, and am having success!”
Other Advice

Have a support group. “I have a great group of PTA members who help me when I need it,” she says. “Keep track of donations on a spreadsheet [for simplicity].”

“I will continue to do Funding Factory,” Sue says. “What money I raise for our PTA may not be a lot, but every little bit helps. These cartridges are trash, and to see it turn into cash amazes me! It’s a lot of work, sometimes, but the kids are worth it.”

Blue Rectangle: A simple Way To Fund-raise With Used Books

Do you have used books but you don’t want to run a book sale?

If you are a library, school or community group then you may have old books on hand. Sometimes running a used book sale is not convenient, as you need to have volunteers to coordinate the sale and organize the books. Blue Rectangle offers an alternative way you can fund-raise with your books.

By using Blue Rectangle, you are simply selling your books to them in buy-back program. They in turn are then selling your books to consumers.

This fund-raiser is simple and easy to follow

The steps to run this fund-raiser are very basic. “It is really simple, just go online to our website and then fill out your organization’s name and address. Then select a method of payment — its super simple! Create an account with us this way and then enter the ISBN (for the books you are selling to Blue Rectangle).” said Chris Cahill, Customer Service Representative. Literally hundreds of schools and other organizations have worked with Blue Rectangle. They have been in business for about ten years. They have been doing the book buy-back business for three years.

What books are they interested in purchasing? Cahill encourages interested not-for-profits to look at the F.A.Qs page on the website for further details about what type of books they are interested in purchasing. “We are especially interested in textbooks, how-to books, books that have been published in the last ten years and generally books that have an isbn but are either out of print or are hard to come by,” said Cahill

Blue Rectangle according to their F.A.Qs page is not interested in purchasing books with odors, book club books, encyclopedias, magazines, Time-Life books, Teacher’s editions, books in poor condition, condensed books (such as Reader’s Digest), advanced reading copies, corrected proofs, workbooks with writing in them, books marked not for resale, books missing a section of the cover, books with any profanity in them, pornography, and unbound or partially bound books.

They suggest that customers send books that they consider are at least in very good to excellent condition. This means no water damage, no missing covers or pages and minimal highlighting or tearing on the pages.

Blue Rectangle purchases books depending on market demand for the books

Prices for books depend on the current interest for the book. “We buy the books in order to resell them so our buyback is based on market demand,” said Cahill. When you input your ISBNs into the website, you will be given a price. That price is then good for five days. After five days that price is subject to change. You are encouraged to send your books in quickly. Payments are sent to customers on a weekly basis.

When shipping books to Blue Rectangle you are encouraged to obtain insurance for your package. Insurance should not be very expensive, and this protects you from any damages or loss while in transit to the facility.

Blue Rectangle is an excellent alternative for the organization that is unable to hold a book sale but has plenty of books that they would like to turn into fund-raising dollars. Visit their website for more information.