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Free Gift Cards with Prize Program

Don’t you just love the word FREE? I do and so will your students and parents with this special deal.  When your group participates in the cookie dough program, you’ll gets free Gift Cards.  These cards are worth $50 each!  Just redeem them online for certificates to thousands of restaurants across the US.  (View the available restaurants in your area.)

Prize program chartYou can use the cards as prizes for students who bring in the most fundraising results.  On the other hand, you could sell the cards to raise extra funds (based on a $20 suggested retail price).

This prize program is included free of charge to fundraising groups with at least 10 actual sellers participating in any one of the following brochure fundraisers:

Prize Programs for Students

Browsing the PTO Today message boards I came across a good thread. Members posted some of their favorite ways to reward and incentivize students for participating in the fundraisers. Here are a few of them:

  • Lunch with the principal
  • Spirit wear like school shirts
  • Pizza party
  • Pig races (ya got to read the message board for this one. Sounds like fun!)

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