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Meet the Team at eFundraising

Many of our regular readers may realize that we at Top School Fundraisers have an excellent relationship with the folks over at FastTrack Fundraising. From time to time, we write reviews and post news items from them, so that you can keep current on the latest ideas, developments, and products.

For instance, we shared their great news that FastTrack Fundraising has increased the percentage the non-profits get to keep from their fundraisers. This is great news and should definitely help you make your decision about what kind of fundraisers to choose for your school.

Now, we have the opportunity to introduce you to the FastTrackFundraising team, by way of YouTube! Their creative team put together a terrific “behind-the-scenes” video that gives viewers a great insight into this company. I particularly like the part when the customer service lady is eating a cookie while talking on the telephone! I guess their cookies are just to delicious to put down!

The video is short- only three and a half minutes, and it will really give you a good insight into who you will be doing business with. It’s well worth the click.

2009 USA Character Approved Honoree Founded Website that Helps Teachers, Schools

In case you’re not as big a fan of Law & Order SVU as I am and don’t spend nearly the amount of time watching repeats of it on the USA Network, then maybe you haven’t heard of an amazing new campaign being promoted heavily on this channel.

It’s called “The USA Character Approved Awards” and our very own topic of school fundraising has landed right in the middle of this extraordinary promotion.

For a little background, here is their mission statement, as I found it on their website:

The Character Approved Awards honor the characters of the U.S.A. who are changing the face of American culture. Character Approved honorees are innovators in their field who influence our opinions, our style, and our view of the world. They surprise and inspire us with fresh ideas. They are celebrated by their peers. And they have an authentic style that’s all their own.

This year, in what they claim is their inaugural campaign, they have announced seven honorees, one each from the worlds of music, art, food, architecture, fashion, new media, and giving. continue reading

Oprah Makes Donation to Ron Clark Academy – Be Great, Get Noticed, and Get Funded

Ron Clark AcademyDuring the election season last fall students from Atlanta’s Ron Clark Academy made a splash with the song they wrote “Vote for whoever you like.” I first saw this video on CNN sometime before election day. It also caught the eye of many admirers.  A major donation from Oprah Winfrey was made to the school.

School founder Ron Clark told reporters “I was just excited to have the letter. But then a sheet of paper fell out on the floor and I picked it up and looked it was a check for $365,000 and I was just overwhelmed.”

They followed up their first hit with another, “Dear Obama” which surprisingly hits on some heavy issues.  This time the effort earned the students a trip to Washington DC for the inauguration.

Take home lessons in short… focus on great education for your students, be creative and innovative.  As Jim mentioned recently, great teaching can often be free.  Then don’t hide your great kids.  The Ron Clark Academy students sang their song at Atlanta events, got their videos on local TV and YouTube, which helped them go national.  This kind of publicity can be great for your school — for the students themselves and for getting funding!