Cookie Dough Fundraisers for Schools

Cookie dough fundraisers with frozen cookie dough can be a good choice for a school, youth or other group fundraiser. These fundraisers Cookie dough fundraising programs involve selling large tubs or boxes of cookie dough, which can be refrigerated or frozen for later use. The organization takes advance orders and/or prebuys a certain number of cases of the cookie dough and then sells it.

There are many ways to boost the sales of your cookie dough fundraising program. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Let your sellers and supporters know ahead of time about the sale. Make sure they know how much their support is appreciated.
  2. Create specific goals for the fundraiser. How much money needs to be raised? How many tubs does this equal? How many tubs per person will need to be sold?
  3. Set a reasonable time limit for getting all the orders in from participants.
  4. Offer prizes for participants who sell the mimimum amount.
  5. Create a group challenge or prize program to motivate your sellers.
  6. Take the catalogs to work.
  7. If your organization is short the minimum order, the organization can fund the difference and sell them later.
  8. Use extra cookie dough supply or buy extra to make cookies. Sell cookies at a bake sale, sports game, at school, or anywhere there are people! If your baking oven is near your selling table it’s even better — people can’t resist when they smell the warm aroma of cookies baking.

The cookie dough fundraising program provides full color catalogs to sell from. The group uses catalogs to take orders of the cookie dough, which comes in several varieties.

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