I have long been a fan of discount cards as a school fundraiser. They are an all around good fundraising vehicle for a wide variety of groups such as PTO, civic clubs, church youth groups, YMCA, sports teams and many more.

Why are discount cards a good fundraiser? 

  • In demand product – Provides year-long savings to your supporters (So they are easy to sell!)
  • Cards are affordable – cards retail for $10
  • High profit margin – your group earns $7-9 per card!
  • Small cards are easy to transport – An advantage over other product sales with bulky boxes or foods that require refrigeration
  • Can be repeated every year

The discount card company that I recommend is Fast Track fundraising.  In fact in June of this year I got a chance to meet Roger and Chris of Fast Track and “grill them” about what discount cards are all about.

One of the things that Roger pointed out is that while Fast Track advises you on how to get merchants, they do not make solicitation calls for you.  There’s a good reason for this… “Other companies promise that they will get the merchants for you. That sounds easier at first, but actually we have found that when groups solicit local businesses directly they have better results. Then we are able to offer lower prices on the cards so the groups raise more money.”

This makes a lot of sense. Business owners and managers may not even take the call of a sales company. They are much more likely to speak to a volunteer directly involved with the group the sales benefit, especially if it’s someone they know.

So it it better to call, mail a letter or make a personal visit? From their experience working with hundreds of groups, Fast Track recommends face to face visits. Prepare a letter ahead of time and make copies of it and the merchant agreement form provided by Fast Track. Just ask to speak to the manager and if they are not available, leave the material and call them back later.

Chris even says that “groups who bring kids are 3 times as likely to be successful.” Wow! So school groups, sports teams, and youth have a real advantage.

Besides all their years of experience that will help your fundraiser be more successful, Fast Track has several other advantages:

  1. The custom discount cards are full color, front and back, and each side is fully customizable.

    Discount CArd
    View more samples – card front or card back

  2. They are a durable plastic, similar to a credit card.
  3. Low cost, just $1-3 each depending on quantity
  4. High Fundraising potential – up to 90% Profit.
  5. Free to start – no initial investment.
  6. 48 hour turnaround time – cards printed & shipped within 48 hours after approval for orders less than 1000.
  7. Your fundraiser can be completed in 30 days or less!

So is your group ready to work with the Custom Discount Card Experts at Fast Track Fundraising? Request more information now