Karen Bantuveris, Founder of VolunteerSpot, recently posted on the company’s blog about one of the newest trends in the classroom, interactive whiteboards.  There are several kinds available including SMART Board and Promethean.   These tools help teachers make learning fun.

Here’s what Karen had to say about experiencing these whiteboards for herself:

How did I go from an interactive whiteboard skeptic to evangelist? I saw the Promethean in action and heard teachers talk about how this kind of technology changes how they teach and reach our kids.

So here’s my big take away for principals, school boards, parent organizations and teachers: Get parents pumped about the technology you want by helping us experience it! Let us know how it helps you do your job better and helps improve learning outcomes (while saving time and money, even better).  If you can do that…we will work (hard) to find ways to fund it!

7 ways to fundraise or find grants so your school can get an interactive whiteboard:

  1. Take a look at some of Karen’s suggestions for demonstrating SMART Boards. Offer multiple opportunities for students, families, teachers, administrators and school board members to experience these.
  2. Smart board

  3. Form a committee or work through the PTA/PTO to decide on a fundraiser specifically for these.
  4. Sign up for an online donation platform such as GiveForward or Donors Choose and launch an online donation drive.
  5. Create an online fundraiser so that people have an additional way to help while they will get a valuable gift in return.
  6. Sign up for the Pepsi Refresh grant program.  Winners are determined by voting, so launch a publicity campaign to get the most votes possible.
  7. Visit Grants Alert and search for grants that your school would qualify for.
  8. When you decide on one or more of these strategies, publicize your efforts throughout the community.  With online fundraising efforts families can even request support from relatives that live out of town.

It may takes some time and work, but getting funding for interactive whiteboards like the SMART Board can greatly improve the quality of education in your schools.  With some enthusiastic parents on your side, you’ll be on your way to success.