Halloween candy treats are a must have for any school halloween carnival. Parents also need to have candy on hand for trick or treaters who come by the house. Some families sponsor parties on Halloween night instead of or in addition to kids going door to door and candy is needed there too.

So what kind of candies are available for Halloween? You can pick up mini candy bars or other candy at the grocery store. But if you plan ahead a bit you can order candy in bulk online. You can also get more unusual candy treats than you would get if you just went to the local store.

Oriental Trading Company – Lots of Variety, Great Prices

Oriental Trading Company has some of the best selections online of Halloween candy They have a lot of Halloween novelty candies like gummy teeth, bubble gum shaped like pumpkins, Halloween PEZ dispensers, and Halloween printed jelly beans like the ones shown here. You’ll make a big impression with those kind of candy treats!

If you’d like to give out traditional mini chocolate bars, smarties or other candy, they have that in bulk. You’ll find great prices on all the Halloween bulk candy.

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Visit Oriental Trading Company to browse their selection and to get free shipping, just enter code RLS100 at checkout.

Halloween Shaped Lollipops – a Tasty Treat

Halloween PopsHalloween shaped lollipops are fun treats for your school kids. They can be used as a fundraiser, sold at a carnival booth or given out free as treats. They are just 25 cents each you decide!

This photo just shows three pops, but they really come in lots of flavors: Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Bubble Gum, Caramel Apple, Cherry Snow, Cotton Candy, Grape Delight, Green Apple, Juicy Orange, Strawberry Shake, Watermelon Slice, and Wild Cherry. There’s lots of other shapes and flavors of gourmet pops available. You can view all the available pops and even order online here … or Call 1-888-778-2580 for more info.

Healthier Treats – Sugar Free and/or Organic

Sugar Free CandyAn alternative to sugary snacks are sugar free and organic candies. Serendipity Sugar Free™ comes in a 1 lb. bulk bag with approximately 96 pieces per bag. They come in a wide variety of flavors. Since they are sugar free, these candies are just 12 calories per piece! Plus great for kids with allergies, they are vegetarian, Kosher, with no gluten, no trans fats, no Nuts, no dairy ingredients and no soy!

Organic Naturepops come in modern, cool flavors like Citrus Blast and Chocolate. Ingredients include organic lime extract, organic orange extract and vegetable colors. The lollipops have organic evaporated cane juice, which is a natural form of sugar.

These sugar free and organic candies are available at Simon Candy Shop.