AvonIn the town of Mooresville, North Carolina, Avon has been an integral part of South Elementary School’s P.T.A. fundraising success. With just over 650 participating students, South Elementary School was able to raise $21,150 to support special school projects, including a new playground. School Principal, Pam Aman, credits Avon’s reputation as the reason for parents’ positive response and willingness to support an Avon Fundraiser.

Each year, hundreds of organizations across America choose to use Avon products in their fundraisers. Avon fundraisers are a great idea for several reasons. As the world’s largest beauty company, Avon has a name that’s familiar to millions of people, lending immediate credibility to your fund-raiser.

With Avon, you’re selling top-quality, well-known products, backed by Avon’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means people will buy more. You have flexibility in product selection and selling time frame, with minimal paperwork and there is no need for door-to-door selling, participants can sell to their family, neighbors, and friends.

Most important of all, is the opportunity to call on the personal experience of the Avon Fundraising Specialist to answer product questions, get selling tips and handle any delivery or payment issues. With all of these advantages, Avon truly is a beautiful approach to fundraising.

Avon Products, Inc., is a member of the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers, a professional association devoted exclusively to the product fund-raising industry. Avon’s fundraising program has helped many different types of organizations raise money- schools, churches, and both civic and non-profit groups.

Each participating fundraiser is given a fundraiser kit, provided free of charge. This includes an Avon brochure, order book and money collection envelope. The fundraiser then shows the brochures, records the order, and collects the money ahead of time. The fundraiser order is submitted and returned to the fundraising group. The organization earns up to 50% of the profits.

If you would be interested in starting an Avon fundraiser for your organization, please contact me and we will work together to help develop the fund-raiser that is right for your group.

About the Author: Shannon Copeland works as an AVON Fundraising Specialist and enjoys working with a variety of groups to help them raise funds. For more information she can be contacted at 1-866-671-1858 or visit Shannon’s MySpace Page.