Elmo P30 Digital Visual PresenterThe third school to receive an honorable mention from the Top School Fundraiser Grant is Loma Verde Elementary School, located in Novato, California.

Like the first two schools to garner the honorable mention recognition, Loma Verde submitted a high quality video in making its application.

In the request, the principal of Loma Verde, Eileen Smith, (on behalf of her 385 K-5th graders) discussed a situation in her school that more and more schools are coping with nationwide, and that’s the problem of a rising number of students who don’t have English as a first language. As a result of this, Principal Smith has found that even though these students can be very bright and have excellent ideas to share, they are having great difficulty joining in the group learning process due to the language barrier.

To help students with this challenge, the folks at Loma Verde requested $4,000 to purchase two Elmo Digital Visual Presenters and two LCD projectors. These tools would be shared by the teachers to better explain and allow participation by all students. Principal Smith described, for instance, how one of these Elmo Projectors (I don’t think there’s any relation to the Elmo on Sesame Street…) can be used to both project and enlarge the image of a sheet of paper, but it can also be used as a large projection microscope for 3D items. It’s very clear to see how useful these items could be in a classroom where verbal communication is sometimes difficult.

Once again, we are learning first-hand how some very serious problems in our school districts can be solved, or at least greatly helped, by new technology. Unfortunately, new technology is very expensive and often out of financial reach. This means that creative and effective fundraising methods are needed now more than ever. That’s the goal, here at Top School Fundraisers.

Stay tuned for many more posts dealing with the ever-increasing need to fund large technological purchases for our schools.

Thank you, Loma Verde, for your excellent application. We wish you the best in finding all the funds you need to help bridge this gap.

Watch to see the simple yet compelling video presentation from the principal of Loma Verde Elementary School.