The final honorable mention in the 2009 Top School Fundraisers Grant Award goes to Poinsettia Elementary School from Carlsbad, California. On behalf of the first through fifth graders, principal Steve Ahle submitted an excellent video requesting $2,000 for the purchase of new reading materials for their 500 students. This would include Leveled Readers sets for grades 1 and 2 and Newberry Award Winner novels for grades 3, 4 and 5.

The purchase of these materials will be used to help students go beyond reading at a basic level to achieve comprehension and application proficiency.

From the video, you will see that there is a strong commitment by the teachers and staff at Poinsettia to help children gain a life-long love of reading. There is also a thorough understanding that these early years are critical for a child. As Principal Ahle points out in the video, students who aren’t reading by the end of second grade are likely to be non-readers for their entire school careers.

Take a moment to watch their terrific video application, which is posted below. Thank you Poinsettia Elementary for sharing your needs with Top School Fundraisers. We wish you great success in achieving your very worthy goals!