The Community School is looking forward to the day when Richard Russo will come to their school to read from his latest novel, “Bridge of Sighs“. Russo will read from the book two months earlier than its scheduled publication date. The reading by the Pulitzer Prize-winning, Emmy-nominated novelist and screenwriter is a fund-raiser for the Community School in Camden.

But the Community School is especially interested in hearing about a particular character in his latest novel becuase he shares the same name as a resident of the town, Josa A. Ocariz. Last year the school held a raffle that reached across the nation. The prize: the winner’s name would be used in Russo’s latest novel as a character.

The raffle sold 78 tickets and Ocariz purchased two of the tickets. One of those tickets was the winner, and his name was included in Russo’s latest novel. He is included in the novel and his character is a middle school teacher in upstate New York.

The school raised $7,800 from the raffle event. Tickets for the reading are $20. Russo’s book will officially be published on September 25th.