Free Daycare Fundraising Catalog

Top 10 Daycare Fundraisers

Over the past dozen years more and more daycares have begun holding fundraisers. Some are trying to hold down the cost ot parents while others use the proceeds to purchase supplies and equipment for their centers.

Since parents are most likely paying a weekly fee for watching their kids daycares need to be especially sensitive when it comes to choosing the best fundraising ideas to attempt. So we've put together a list of 10 suggestions operators might consider. They are not in an particular order since the needs vary so much center to center. But we feel confident you'll recognize the ones that make sense for your daycare.

1. Lollipop Sales

Lollipop sales are a great way to consistently raise money throughout the year. You might not make a ton of money very quickly but think slow and steady and over the course of a year you might be surprised at how much you can raise. Most fundraising lollipops sell for about 50 cents of which half is your profit. The best way to sell them is to keep a stand or display on your check in counter so parents see them when they drop off or pick up their children. Lollipops to consider

2. Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Cookie dough is a great product for just about any grade level so it also makes sense for daycare operators. One of the attractions is that there's no cost to hold the fundraiser. Families are given brochures and asked to sell tubs for the benefit of the daycare. Once the sale is done all orders are gathered and the center orders the product so no extra inventory is purchased and the money collected during the sale can be used to pay for the order. The top cookie dough fundraiser

Cookie Dough Fundraisers

3. Free Pizza

One thing you can be sure of is that everyone loves free pizza. So consider selling buy one get one free pizza cards. The cards sell for $10. You can sign up any pizzeria in your town. Most love this type of program. They'll provide a BOGO offer that you have printed on fundraising cards. The pizzeria gets a lot of traffic and new customers. The card buyers get a bunch of free pizza. The daycare makes up to 90% profit selling the cards. Not a bad deal when everyone wins. Get more info

4. Book Fair

The market for kids' books is huge. So consider holding a book fair where your families can purchase books and at the same time support your center. There are lots of companies you can partner with including Scholastic and others. The book fair gives kids access to a great selection of children's books. The company will provide everything you need for your book fair and they offer very age appropriate reading materials. It's one of those programs that really works well for all grade levels and should work well for a daycare.

5. Flower Bulb Fundraiser

More and more daycares search for easy to sell products that are non food items. One of the fastest growing fundraisers in the sale of flower bulbs. There are programs offering bulbs you plant in the spring and others you plant in the fall. The bulbs are easy to sell from the colorful and detailed brochures you are provided. Prices ranging from $5 and up are attractive for fundraising. There's no cost to start this type of sale so your center is really under no obligation since you're not laying out any money. But clearly it's one of the best non food items you can offer. Learn more

6. Garage Sales

All of the families with kids in your daycare have one thing in common. All have young children. And children out grow toys and clothes so fast lots of those items are virtually new when the kids have outgrown them. Why not get the families to donate those items to the center and allow you to sell them at a garage sale in the daycare's parking lot? You might find your own student's families are some of your biggest customers. It's a great way to attract families to your sale so you might want to have flyers about your center to pass out the day of your sale.

7. Peanut Free Candy Bars

Fundraising candy is perfect for daycares. You can sell candy to your customers by placing carriers in your high traffic areas or you can ask students' families to take cases of candy home to sell. We suggest a specific peanut free candy bar for a few reasons. They eliminate the peanut allergy issue that might become problems and they sell for a dollar each which is a great price for a fundraising item. Learn more

Candy Fundraisers

8. Smencils

We love Smencils and feel certain the kids at your center will as well. They are pencils made from recycled newspapers. Once made the pencils are soaked in a scented oil. They come in either black graphite or in colors so the kids can use them for their school work. It's one of the rare times that someone comes up with a unique item that is affordable for kids and offers good profit margins. It's a perfect product for a daycare. Learn more

9. Healthy Snacks

With kids in this age group every home needs some good snacks so why not sell them to raise money? There's a program called Snackin in the USA. It offers more than 30 different bagged snacks - most of which you would consider healthy items like nuts or dried fruits. With the large selection there should be something for everyone. It's a pre sell kind of fundraiser which means you sell from a brochure so there's no cost to get started. You make 50% profit selling an item most families buy any way so it's line worth a close look. More info

10. Portraits

So many people would love to have professional portraits taken of their kids and families. They just don't do it because they think it will be expensive. That's why we included a discount card that Sears Portrait Studios offers. You sell the cards for $10 and the card holder gets 3 free portraits and it includes the sitting fee. Families of daycare age students are absolutely perfect potential customers. These are high profit cards and you don't have to sell many to make a lot of money.