50% Profit

Flower Bulb Fundraising

Items Bought % Profit Free Shipping
150 plus 50% YES
1 to 149 50% No

Yes Money Does Grow with Flowers

Stop selling products people do not want. Be a hero and sell a competively priced product people actually want to purchase.

Flower bulb fundraising is earth friendly and the product virtually sell themselves.

We will send a full color brochure detailing 24 different fundraising flowers and bulbs to sell to your supporters. The brochure includes a detailed order form with prices, planting instructions and other pertinent information.

We have a fall flower bulb fundraiser and a spring flower bulb fundraiser so you can sell flower bulbs any time of the year. You make 50% profit on each item you sell. Prices range from approximately $5 to $25. We will even pay for shipping if you sell 151 items or more.

If you sell 151 or more items we will even pay for shipping.

You will make 50% profit on each and every item you sell so go ahead and try it. It costs nothing to give a try.