Free Middle School Fundraising Catalog

Top 10 Middle School Fundraisers

Middle school is an interesting time when it comes to fundraising. The sad fact is that age group has less parent involvement than elementary school kids and have not developed their own passions as they will when they reach high school age.

But it doesn't mean there are a lot of good middle school fundraising ideas. They just take a little more work.

So we developed our own top 10 list. We present them in particular order because there are so many variables to consider. What we do know, though, is that among this list you should find one or more suggestions that meet your needs.

1. Restaurant Discount Cards

Okay we will take the easy way with our first suggestion. We know that most American families eat meals outside the home one or more times every single week. So why not offer a discount card that saves those families money and makes your group money at the same time? So we suggest gift cards from You purchase these cards at huge discounts to their face value. You actually sell them at deeply discounted prices as well. The cards are good at more than 18,000 different restaurants nationwide. Get more info...

2. Sell Healthy Snack Food

There is a definite movement away from unhealthy foods but the desire for a good snack is alive and well. That's why we think a healthy snack fundraiser is great for this age group. It's the perfect product to offer to family, friends and neighbors. It's inexpensive and it costs nothing to start. We suggest a program that offers 31 different snacks so there's something for everyone. Check it out

3. Sell Cookie Dough

Since we've already offered a healthy snack options we'd also like to suggest one of the most tried and proven fundraising products - cookie dough. There's a reason it's been around for so long. It's extremely popular. But we'd like to suggest a specific program. It's actually the simpliest cookie dough fundraiser because it's all on a 1 page brochure and offers only the top 6 flavors. The tubs are priced competitively at $10 and we believe it's perfect for middle school students. Here's the cookie dough program we suggest.

Cookie Dough Fundraisers

4. Read-a-thon

We went back and forth with this one but choose to include it on our top 10 list because it just makes so much sense. Why not incentivize the benefits of reading during the grade levels? Choose a time frame. Some might choose the entire school calendar while others will choose a specific semester. But get the students to get pledges or donations for each book they read during the read-a-thon. It's not unreasonable to ask for $5 to $10 per book. Depending on the number of students and the number of books read a lot of money can be raised this way. Learn more...

5. How About Something Earth Friendly?

Lot's of schools want to teach their students about being environmentally sensitive. So why not hold an earth-friendly fundraiser? We would like to suggest you take a peek at selling flower bulbs. They are a relatively inexpensive product that's easy to sell and it costs nothing to start your fundraiser. You can hold one in the spring or the fall. They work especially well in suburban areas or out in the country. Learn more

6. Peanut Free Candy Bars

We were going to simply suggest candy fundraising but decided to be more specific. That's why we finally chose peanut free fundraising candy bars as our suggestion. Candy has been a staple in fundraising for as long as we can remember. Sales suffered, though, as more and more kids developed peanut allergies. So we wanted to suggest peanut free candy bars that sell for just a dollar each. It makes sense for these grade levels because there's only a 1 case minimum and shipping is even free. Learn more...

Candy Fundraisers

7. Rummage Sale

We love the idea of an entire school getting behind a large scale rummage or garage sale. But it takes a lot of involvement and a lot of donated merchandise. So if you have the volunteer base it's something to consider. Get as many items donated as possible. Tell people you only want items in good enough shape to sell and priced if possible. School clothes are especially great items to offer. The great thing about a rummage sale is that you invest more time than money but they have the potential to bring in a ton of money.

8. Scratch Cards

If you have a motivated group of middle school students that need to raise $100 or more each then consider scratch cards. Their a fun tool that makes asking for donations fun and easy. You get a customized card for each student that has 50 concealed dots that contain dollar amounts from $.50 to $3.00 each. They get potential supporters to scratch off 2 or more the dots and request the revealed amount as a donation. They give the donor a sheet of coupons as a thank you gift for the donation. When all 50 dots are scratched they will have raised $100. The scratch card we suggest.

Scratch Card Fundraisers

9. Focus on Reading

Hopefully your students are reading so why not monetize it? Here is a great new way to raise tons of money getting people to sponsor your students and their participation in a reading event.. Learn more

10. Ask for Donations

If you really don't want to sell a product you might consider acting like a non profit and write a donation request letter and send it home with your students. In fact you should send 10 letters home with each student. Get them to turn in a list of people they gave the letters to along with emails if possible so you can follow up via email. Results of donation drives vary so we suggest planning an additional fundraiser just in case donations are less than anticipated.