Free PreSchool Fundraising Catalog

Top 10 Preschool Fundraisers

When your kids reach preschool age you will more than likely be introduced to fundraising. In fact fundraising is more or less a way of life as long as your kids are students.

So we would like to offer our top 10 preschool fundraising ideas for the benefit of parents, teachers and administrators. For parents you can see some of the top ideas schools will try at this age and gain a little insight. For teachers and administrators we hope our list will expand your current thought process by offering suggestions you might not have considered.

Although we offer our top 10 we offer them in no particular order. We feel confident you'll recognize the ones that make sense for your preschool.

1. Cookie Dough

Let's just get it out of the way. Whether you sell cookie dough in preschool or your school starts in elementary school, the odds are good at some point you will showing all of your friends and family pictures of cookie dough tubs and asking them to buy some from you. That's why we show it first. Kids love the product and most parents can't resist. You don't buy anything you don't sell in advance. It's one of those products that seem to natural for this grade level. The top cookie dough fundraiser

Cookie Dough Fundraisers

2. Have You Heard about Smencils?

Preschoolers love fun little toys and they love to draw and doodle. So the attraction to a product like Smencils is only natural. They are scented pencils made from recycled newspaper. They are individually packed and come in either black graphite or in colors. Kids love them. They provide a great way to introduce environmental issues in a fun way. They are inexpensive. Perfect for these students. Learn more

3. Candy

Candy is just like cookie dough. At some point every student will be asked to sell candy bars so we thought we'd include the candy bar we think makes the most sense. There's a one dollar bar that is peanut free. It's made by Van Wyk Confections. These candy bars changed the fundraising game for preschools. They no longer had to rule out candy because of peanut allergies. The product tastes great. There's only a 1 case minimum. Shipping is included in the price of the candy. Learn more

Candy Fundraisers

4. Sell Lollipops

Lollipops are another great preschool fundraising product. They are very inexpensive. Kids love them. Most parents do as well. You can sell them at school or you can send them home to the parents and ask them to sell them. There are tons of great shapes and flavors to choose from. You sell the lollipops for twice what you pay for them. You don't have to buy too many and shipping doesn't cost anything. There's lots of different lollipops to consider but we suggest these. Click here

5. Candle Fundraisers

There are lots of candle fundraisers available to people. In fact one of the best known candle brands in America, Yankee, offers a fundraising program. The problem is that they only offer 40% profit and their candles are extremely expensive. Why settle for lower profits? Our candle fundraisers have price points starting as low as $4. That means everyone can afford these products unlike candles that cost $20 or more.

6. Book Fairs

Preschool is the perfect grade level to begin incorporating book sales with fundraising. There are lots of companies you can partner with including Scholastic and others. The book fair gives kids access to a great selection of children's books. Introduce a motivating reason to practice reading. The company will provide everything you need for your book fair and they offer very age appropriate reading materials.

7. Read-a-thon

Whether you choose to hold a book fair or not your preschool should promote reading. What better way than to hold a read-a-thon? Challenge your students to read as many books in a defined time period as possible and have them ask family and friends to make a pledge to donate a certain amount of money for each book read. You might do this for the first school semester so it is not completely open ended. Your school can raise quite a bit of money while promoting good reading habits. Do the math. If you have 200 students and each reads 5 books and each gets 5 people to donate $10 per book read. Learn more...

8. Flower Bulbs

Flower bulbs are one of the fastest growing fundraising product groups these past few years and we suggest they are certainly worth a look. You order a full color brochure for every student to bring home and show family, friends and neighbors the collection of spring or fall flower bulbs. There are dozens of different options and some are priced as low as $5 each. You can involve your students by getting them to help their families plant the bulbs and report back on the progress. Flower bulb fundraisers don't cost anything to start. You only buy what you sell. And the product is completely guaranteed. Learn more

9. Schoolwide Garage Sale

One of the easiest ways for a preschool to raise money is to hold a school wide garage sale a week before school starts. If you schedule one before school you can take advantage of back to school clothing sales. Get families to donate new or gently worn clothes a couple weeks before your sale begins. If you do this as an annual event families will know to save clothing and donate them annually to the school. It will help families get deals on good school clothing and it will raise money for the school at the same time.

10. Healthy Snacks

This has been one of the best school fundraisers for any age group. It's a fun program that offers 31 different snacks. Most are healthy. Some not as much. But there's certainly something for everyone here. Unlike candy bar sales you sell these snacks from a really fun brochure. Each sells for $7. You take orders and at the end of your sale you buy the items you've already sold. Check this out