Free Private School Fundraising Catalog

Top 10 Private School Fundraisers

Private school fundraising is different than those at public school. Some of the differences are good and others not so much.

Parents who send their kids to private schools pay tuition and other fees and can sometimes be irritated when they are told the school is hold a fundraiser. They feel like they pay enough already. So administrators need to be sensitive to those feelings. On the other hand those same parents care a lot about their kid's education or they wouldn't be spending the money on private school in the first place. Involved parents typically have better fundraising results.

Below you will find our top 10 private school fundraising ideas. We hope these help administrators, teachers, parents and students choose the best options for their schools. The ideas are offered in no particular order.

1. School Discount Cards

One of the easiest ways for private schools to raise money is to partner with around a dozen local merchants and put together a school discount card. It works well on so many levels. The cards can be sold annually and expire at the end of every school year. Local merchants are happy to get your students and their families as regular customers. The school makes some of the highest profits possible. The people who buy your cards get some great deals all year long. Get more info

2. Book Fair

Book fairs are very practical for most schools. There are lots of ways to plan and hold your fair. But we suggest you contact a company like Scholastic and talk to them about their programs. But there's little more natural than a school selling books to raise money. It's one of those programs that really works well for all grade levels.

3. Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Cookie dough is an incredibly easy item to sell. Private schools can hold school wide sales or smaller groups within the school can start their own programs. You can sell either tubs of dough or boxes of preportioned cookies. Either way you sell from brochures. You take orders and then at the end of your sale you tally those orders together. At the end of your sale you purchase the product you've already sold. There's no cost to get started. Cookie dough fundraisers work especially well in conjunction with bake sales. More info

Cookie Dough Fundraisers

4. Silent Auctions

Silent auctions are auctions held without an auctioneer. People place their bids on sheets of paper instead. The key to a successful auction is to get donations from local businesses, supporters of the school and families. Some of the best selling items might be sports tickets or vacation time shares. The better the items you have to offer the better your attendance which will lead to raising a lot more money. Silent auctions work well when combined with another event such as a concert or lecture series so there are multiple reasons for people to attend.

5. Candy Bar Fundraisers

If you're looking for traditional fundraising products there is nothing easier than selling candy. We always suggest a specific candy bar because it's peanut free and sells for a dollar. There are lots of ways to sell candy depending on your market. You can offer it for sale to students and families or you can send carriers or cases of candy home with students and get them and their parents to sell the candy to friends and neighbors. Learn more

Candy Fundraisers

6. Sears Portrait Studios

So many people would love to have professional portraits taken of their kids and families. They just don't do it because they think it will be expensive. That's why we included a discount card that Sears Portrait Studios offers. You sell the cards for $10 and the card holder gets 3 free portraits and it includes the sitting fee. These are high profit cards and you don't have to sell many to make a lot of money.

7. Candles

Most American homes burn candles now and then and that makes candles a natural fundraising product. There are a bunch of different candle lines you can sell so you simply need to choose one you like. Basically you get free brochures that display the candles you're offering and you get people to place orders with you. At the end of your sale you buy the candles and deliver them to your customer. The best time of year for a candle fundraiser is late October to early November so you can capture some of the gift buying season. Candles to consider

8. Read-a-thons

If you are raising money for elementary or middle school aged students in a private school environment we believe there is no better way than monetizing a reading program. We found this great online reading program that we can recomment highly enough, Get more info

9. Healthy Snacks

There's a program called Snackin in the USA that offers more than 30 different bagged snacks - most of which you would consider healthy items like nuts or dried fruits. It's the kind of product that is easy to sell for any grade level in your school. With the large selection there should be something for everyone. It's a pre sell kind of fundraiser which means you sell from a brochure so there's no cost to get started. You make 50% profit selling an item most families buy any way so it's line worth a close look. More info

10. Flower Bulb Fundraiser

One of the fastest growing fundraisers in the sale of flower bulbs. There are programs offering bulbs you plant in the spring and others you plant in the fall. The bulbs are easy to sell from the colorful and detailed brochures you are provided. Prices ranging from $5 and up are attractive for fundraising. There's no cost to start this type of sale so your school is really under no obligation since you're not laying out any money. But clearly it's one of the best non food items you can offer. Learn more